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Bryan Varnam



Bryan Varnam is the fourth generation, of Varnams, to live in Varnamtown, North Carolina. His great-grandfather, Roland Varnam, moved from Bowdoinham, Maine to coastal Brunswick County, North Carolina, prior to the Civil War. Roland maintained the navigational lights for the area's coastal waters. His sons were boat builders and commercial fishermen. Eddie Varnam, Bryan's father, built boats, owned and operated commercial fishing vessels and a retail seafood business. Bryan wanted to follow in his father's footsteps but, due to a chronic health problem, was unable to meet the physical demands this line of work required.

 According to Bryan, he always had an interest in painting, and since his health required that he be as inactive as possible, he began painting to pass the time, and to relieve stress. Over the twenty years he suffered from a debilitating illness, his talent emerged. Bryan has received no formal training but, developed his style through trial, error, persistence,  and advice from other artists. The one artist,who has had the most significant impact on the development of Bryan's style of painting, is the late S.S. Fisher. Samuel Sullivan Fisher was Bryan's cousin, mentor and friend. Sadly, Mr. Fisher passed away in November of 2002.

 In 2012, Bryan was in a near fatal car wreck ,and sustained a c-2 vertebrae fracture, traumatic brain injury, and a ruptured large intestine. After relearning to walk, and recovering from his injuries, Bryan is once again able to resume painting. As a Christian, Bryan is more dedicated than ever, to live a life which is pleasing to God, and endeavors to express his faith, love of life and gratitude in his paintings. Common themes in Bryan's work are ; the depiction of the beauty of God's creation, love of family and his cultural roots and an expression of the tranquility found in relationship with God. Currently, Bryan, his wife Tami, their children, and grandchildren, reside in Varnamtown, North Carolina.